Residential Roofing Contractors Syracuse NY

residential roofing contractors Syracuse NY

Identifying a leaking roof

If you notice water spots on your walls or ceiling, you may have a leaking roof. This can be caused by poor ventilation or a blocked gutter. Regardless of the cause, water spots in your home should immediately prompt you to call a professional roofing team. Professionals will determine whether the spots are a result of a roof leak or an underlying problem.

First, use a flashlight to locate the source of the leak. Move slowly and carefully to avoid stepping on the leaking spot. Look for water stains on the felt paper or wood that may be lodged in the leak. Once you find the source, you can use caulking or roofing tar to stop the leak. Otherwise, you may need to replace the roof.

A roof leak can travel along pipes and beams, so you should know where the leak is coming from. Identifying the source of a leak is not an easy task, but it is essential to prevent structural damage.

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