How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Syracuse NY?

new roof cost Syracuse NY

Syracuse, NY is one of the most beautiful and unique cities in the United States, offering residents an excellent quality of life. The city has many natural resources and unique communities that make it a great place to live. Because homes in Syracuse are exposed to all four seasons, it’s important to have a reliable roof.

Onondaga County Construction

Getting a new roof is a major undertaking. The cost of a new roof depends on several factors, including the type of roof, the severity of the damage, and the emergency of the project. Some roof problems can be resolved with a simple patch, while others require a complete replacement of the structure. If your roof is more than 25 years old, you may want to consider a full replacement.

Often, homeowners need to have their roof replaced because of leaking windows, cracks in skylights, or other problems. Roofing problems can be caused by many factors, including age, the number of layers of shingles, and ventilation. In Syracuse, Onondaga County, you can expect to spend anywhere from $300 to $1000 per year on roof repairs.

The Syracuse area’s economy has faced many challenges over the years. While manufacturing has largely disappeared, many jobs have stayed in the area, particularly in higher education and health care. A small portion of high-tech manufacturing has also remained, but in smaller quantities. One of the fastest growing areas is University Hill, driven by the expansion of Syracuse University and Upstate Medical University. It is also home to dozens of small medical office buildings.

Allstate Roofing & More, LLC

The professionals at Allstate Roofing & More, LLC are fully trained to install all types of roofs. This includes commercial and residential roofing. In addition, they are capable of meeting special roofing needs. The company has been in business for over 15 years and offers a wide range of services. They are available on certain days and hours. They provide quality service at affordable rates. To schedule an appointment, call them at (843) 572-5347 or visit them at their website.

Chatfield Green Roofing

In the Syracuse, NY area, a small company called Chatfield Green Roofing offers green roofing services. It has installed nearly 1 million square feet of roofs in the northeast. The company grows the vegetation needed for roofs on its own farm in Elbridge. The green roofing materials used are lightweight and low maintenance. They can be removed for roof service, and then reinstalled again.

The cost to replace a new roof in Syracuse, NY varies between $3,600 and $21,400. On average, a basic 1,500-square-foot new roof will cost $7,300. Asphalt roofing costs between $3.60 and $6.10 per square foot. To find out the exact cost of a new roof, request a free estimate from contractors in your area.

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