5 Residential Roofing Companies in Amherst NY

residential roofing companies Amherst NY

When looking for a new roof, residential roofing contractors are a great resource for identifying the right type of materials and style for your house. A reputable roofing contractor can match your needs with your budget. Not only do they have years of experience, but they also pride themselves on offering excellent service. Although the cheapest roofing company may not be the best choice for your home, their bids should not be dismissed out of hand. Consider a few factors, including the quality of materials and the number of bids received to determine which one is best for your needs.

Black Rock Roofing

Black Rock Roofing is a local residential roofing company that has been in business since 1946. Whether you’re looking for slate, tile, or metal roofing, this Amherst, NY-based company will handle your project with professionalism and skill. They’ll also repair water leaks and damaged shingles, and will fix your siding, install skylights, and more.

Switala’s Construction is a family-owned home improvement contractor that has been serving the Amherst, NY, area for seven decades. Their expert roofing experts specialize in asphalt shingles, EPDM, and TPO roofing systems. Additionally, they specialize in gutter installation and maintenance. The company even serves non-profit organizations and provides services for those in need of emergency roof repair.

Try-Lock Roofing

When it comes to the quality of a residential roofing job, nothing compares to the experience of Try-Lock Roofing. This family-owned business has been in business since 1926, and is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. In addition to installing quality shingles, they also provide EPDM, TPO, and self-adhering modified rubber roofing systems. You can also count on the company’s free estimates for any roofing project.

If you live in Amherst, New York, try out Klaus Roofing. They’re a family-owned business and specialize in complete and partial roofing solutions for residential properties. Their expert technicians are experienced with asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile roofs, and more, and will do all the work required for the job. Moreover, they are able to perform repairs to visible wear and tear, as well as install radiant barriers for energy-efficient homes.

Allen & Jones Roofing

Amherst Roofing Co. specializes in all types of residential roofing needs. Whether you’re in need of a roof replacement or a simple repair, they have you covered. Try-Lock Roofing offers new construction and re-pitching services to Amherst homeowners. They also offer construction and repair services throughout the year, from attic quilt installation to window replacement.

DSS Roofing is a third-generation family business that specializes in a wide range of residential roofing services. In addition to a variety of roofing services, they also offer window, siding and gutter installation. They are certified GAF contractors and guarantee all of their work for decades. They’re also proud members of the Better Business Bureau and the GAF. In addition to roofing services, DSS Roofing also offers masonry services to ensure a quality roof and exterior.

Switala-Berner Construction

If you’re in need of a new roof, consider hiring a company that specializes in all types of residential roofing systems. Switala-Berner Construction offers comprehensive services that cover all aspects of a roof’s maintenance, including repairs, maintenance and inspection, and skylight installations. They also offer siding, gutters, windows, and other exterior services, and have been in business for more than seven decades.

For commercial roofing, consider Collingwood Construction of Getzville, NY. This family-owned company specializes in installing new roofing and repairing existing roofs. They are available 24 hours a day to perform roofing services for homes and businesses throughout the Amherst area. They specialize in installing flat roofing systems, as well as repairing cracked, curled, or broken shingles. Their roofers also install gutters, install specialty shingles, and service chimney flashing.

Geiger Brothers Construction

Whether you need a new roof, a gutter installation, or a complete remodeling job, Geiger Brothers Construction is the full-service company for your home improvement needs. The company’s experienced roofers and gutter installation specialists use industry-standard tools and technology to complete all types of roofing projects. They can work on your roof 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company also performs window and door replacement, vinyl and fiber siding installations, gutter replacement, and asbestos abatement.

Switala-Berner Construction is another local roofing company in Amherst, NY. The company has been serving the area for more than seven decades and offers comprehensive residential roofing services. Switala-Berner Construction specializes in residential roofing and has over 1,400 satisfied customers. Seibold Construction is another full-service residential roofing company in the Amherst, NY area. It provides services for all types of residential roofing, from new construction to repairing and installing shingles.

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